The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

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The perfect hair color selection according to your particular skin tone is much important. Your hair color should be according to your specific skin tone colors to comprehend your overall personality. Otherwise, you’ll look horrible after having new color. You should know all the basic concepts of versatility of the different tones. Mainly, there are 4 major tone categories exist. Many people have the warmer skin tone, while others have the cooler skin tone.

There is a proper skin tone chart available defining different categories of the skin tone. You should have an appropriate homework related to hair dye skin tone before going into any specific color from the hair color skin tone chart. You can have the appropriate suggestions from the experts, but you should have enough knowledge after reading this complete article. Following are some quick tips and instructions to find out the best supportive hair color skin tone match. Check out all the basics of skin tone charts, different skin tones, preferred colors for the specific skin tones and specific eye colors. Read the whole article.

Skin Tone Chart

A Woman With Different Skin Tone

Skin tone chart categorizes the different skin tone colors. According to a general hair color skin tone chart, there are 4 major categories of the skin tone. These 4 major skin color categories are:

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Also the bellow chart shows you the best hair shades for your skin tone:

Shades chart for skin tone
The perfect shades chart for skin tone

Everyone must have to find its own skin tone type before going for any particular hair shade. There are some easy steps to find out the best match between hair dye skin tones.

Steps To Find Out Your Skin Tone For Perfect Hair Color

There are some easy steps to find out exact skin tone from the 4 options. Once you have found your exact skin tone, you are ready to go for any particular hair dye from the hair color skin tone chart. First of all you need to check between warmer or cooler skin tones.

First of all, you should observe your veins. You can look at your wrist for the prominent veins. If your veins are apparently blue or purple, you have a cooler skin tone. There are more characteristics of cooler skin tones:

  • Lighter skin, pink undertones and a high contrast between hair and face depicts the Winter skin tone.
  •  Fair skin, yellow undertone and a mild contrast between hair and face depicts the Spring skin tone.

If your veins seem to be greenish, you have a warmer skin tone.

  • A warmer glowing skin tone which can easily be tanned results as an Autumn skin tone.
  • A warmer skin tone which can easily be tanned is called the Summer skin tonic.

Hair Color For Skin Tone And Eyes

Women With Different Skin Tone And Eyes

The warmer skin tones and cooler skin tones have a further two categories each, according to specific undertones. So, once you have found your exact pick between one of the four skin tones. Next step is the observing your eyes. Hair color skin tone chart suggests the particular hair dye skin tone according to warmer/cooler or specific eye shade color. Each one of the particular skin tone plus a specific hair color defines a unique category of the hair color skin tone chart. So, you must also observe your hair color for choosing a specific hair color for you.

Hair Color for Cool Skin Tone and Blue Eyes

A Blond Woman With Blue Eyes

If you have cooler skin tone and blue eyes, you should go for of the dark brown, platinum blonde or black hair colors. If you have a cool skin tone with light –colored eyes like light blue, light green or light hazel color. You will look great with Icy Blonde, Ashy Blonde and Ashy Brown colors.

Hair Color For Warm Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

Warm Skin Woman

If you have a warm skin tone and you have brown eyes, it means you are probably having the Autumn skin tone. If your skin tone also glows then you can opt from Golden Blonde, Caramel Brown and Champagne Blonde options.

Hair Color For Neutral Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

Woman With Neutral Skin And Brown Eyes

Neutral skin tone is a blessing. You can try most of the colors. If you still want the to know the best possible hair dye skin tone for your neutral skin tone then there is a thumb rule. The thumb rule states that: If you have neutral skin tones, then your undertones are the guidance for your best hair dye skin tone. For example, If you have generally a neutral skin tone, but your undertones have some pink or Olive color, you should go for the same colors as for the cooler skin tones. On the other hand, if you have a neutral skin tone, but your undertones are yellow or Gold. You should go with the hair color options which tilt towards the warmer side.

Most ample options, from the skin tone colors, for Neutral Skin tone and Brown eyes are Light, Icy blonde, Ashy Blonde, Ashy Brownd or Platinum Blonde. You can also do a strand test before full implications. You can also consult with a hair color specialist about your specific hair dye skin tone.

Hair Color For Yellow Skin Tone Asian

Asian Woman

Asian women have a different color range from all other women in the world. Asian women have their own particular skin tone range, which majorly varies only in three different tones like Red skin tone, Yellow Skin tone and Dark skin tone

The best hair color for yellow skin tone Asian can be chosen from Dark Red, Raven Black, Blue, Brown and Olive. They don’t look good in typical blonde, fiery red or orange hues because of their yellow skin tone.

Conclusive Tips For Perfect Hair Color

  1. It is not shameful to go for different hair color of your choice. If you wish for a new look. Go for it.
  2.  You should generally maintain a contrast between the hair color and the skin. It will help you in popping up your face features.
  3. Normally, younger women should go for some more saturated shades to be prominent their facial features.
  4. Older women should have a lighter toned hair color to improve the blending and hide the wrinkles.
  5. The dark and thick color absorbs more color than the thin and light colors. So, it is always useful to have a strand test for some strands. After the stranding test, you can dilute or make the intense the hair color to achieve the exact expected color.
  6. Don’t use shampoo quite often after having a particular hair color. Reduce the Shampoo and conditioning consumption to have the long lasting effective particular shade.

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