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Eyelash Extension

Eyelash services includes the alignment and addition of additional fake eyelashes for perfect photo shoot. Beautiful eyelashes make the eyes beautiful. Every bride wants to have perfect lengthy and curvy eyelashes on her wedding day. Only few girls have the naturally lengthy eyelashes so they just need proper adjustment to give catchy look with eyelash makeup at our eyelash salon. We provide the most professional eyelashes service. Using vast experience and up-to-date knowledge, we can make your eyelashes stand out on your event.

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Salon Vivan offers eyebrow services whether they need to be shaped and cleaned up. At our eyebrow salon can transform those barely-there brows into a “WOW” moment. From wedding parties to special events and to work tomorrow. You’ll completely crush all of them with your fresh new look.

Our beauty expert tells to client that eyebrow makeup is the most important for face. Our training beauty experts advise our client that they’re also the most challenging feature to get right. But we offer exclusive eyebrow service to achieve our client goal.

Eyebrow threading

Eyelash Near me

We use high quality eyelashes which are made from pure silicon fiber. We just don’t exaggerate it. Eyelashes are much sensitive so you don’t need to take any risk by having eyelash services from inexperienced crew. There are only few people who are licensed to do it commercially. Many people have the certification for it, but they need to have proper license to do it commercially. Licensing includes the certified products, hygiene training and the professional eyelashes appliance and removal service. So, you should have the professional eyelash service near me from us. We are much concerned about yourself and our reputation eyelash salon near me.

Consultation is required whenever you book an appointment for eyelashes extension, we get your pictures and make the perfectly customized eyelashes according to your eyes’ shape and existing eyelashes. Then we give you a specific date to visit us and have professional eyelash service. We are unique and professional eyelash salon in Northern Virginia, eyelash salon in Fairfax VA, eyelash salon Tysons Corner VA and eyelash salon McLean VA. We give you proper advices and precautions about them and you don’t need to worry about anything. We try to do your eyelash extension service in such a way that they tend to be removed automatically after some days so you don’t need to go for any harmful or risky oil remover or something.

Eyebrow Near Me

Let’s talk about eyebrows services at Salon Vivan. We are top places to get your eyebrows salon threaded in Northern Virginia, eyebrow salon in Fairfax VA and eyebrow salon McLean VA. Get beautiful eyebrows from our expert you can trust at Salon Vivan. During this beauty treatment, dye is brushed onto the eyebrows to darken lighter hairs, providing contrast and defined shape. Please book appointment with us to get your eyebrow beautiful and align to your face.

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