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For something as fun as makeup, it tends to be at the center of a lot of controversy. Women who choose to wear it are sometimes accused of “lying,” while others are viewed as lacking confidence. It’s a sad reality, but these kinds of accusations often shame ladies from layering on the foundation and mascara that might make them feel a bit better about themselves in the morning (or that they just straight-up love).

  • Fariba is a trained and certified make-up artist having worked on numerous films and entertainment projects internationally. Her career spans from being the lead Make-up Artist on numerous plays, television shows, and films in Iran and the United States. She currently lives in the U.S. and owns her own beauty salon in Great Falls, Virginia specializing in hair and make-up services. Fariba’s great love for the arts has her involved in planning and producing artistic events ranging from fine arts exhibitions to local television and theatrical productions as a volunteer. She is also color specialist and certified from many color lines. She has 19 years experience on hair.

  • Nazy started to work as a hairstylist since 1988 and continued her education in that field.she is certified color specialist in many different color lines. She considers her work as an art and she loves her profession .

  • Nazy and Fariba decided to open their own business after working 8 years together in two different hair salon . They open Salon Vivan on July 2011.

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