Hair Conditioner Vs. Hair Mask: Which One is Best For You

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  • # What is a Hair Mask For?
  • # Hair Mask Pros and Cons
  • # What Does a Hair Conditioner Do?
  • # Hair conditioner Pros and Cons

Hair mask vs deep conditioner is always confusing for some people. They can’t get the difference between a hair mask vs conditioner, and confuse them with one another. They keep on saying that they are having hair conditioner masks but in reality, masks are for repairing services and conditioners are for maintenance. So, we can’t compare hair masks with conditioners.

There are some certain hair conditioner benefits and in the same way, there are some certain hair mask benefits. Some people tend to apply a hair mask with conditioner to have better and quick results. However, it won’t do any better, because they both have their own specific methods and purposes.Let’s see which one is best for you stating all the facts about hair mask benefits and hair conditioner benefits.

What is a Hair Mask For?

Hair mask

Hair mask is usually taken for repairing services of the hairs. It has the same phenomenon as nourishment of the rough skin. Masking is about changing the structure and healing the damage or dryness from your hair. The greatest edge to the mask in hair mask vs deep conditioner is its advanced effective therapy nature. Hair mask is not just a casual smoothing workout for your hair, but it is much more than that. Hair masking provides oiling, straightening of the hairs, shining, scalp smothering all at once. You can apply a hair mask on your dry hair before washing it so it may absorb till the roots and may reach the scalp too. It nourishes your dry hair again and provides oiling and other smoothing essentials to your scalp to regenerate quick oiling for hairs etc. It is a deeper process which is done till the hair roots. You can do weekly hair mask treatment to rebuild your silky and smooth hair.

Hair Mask Pros and Cons

Everything has its own pros and cons, hair masks also have their own pros and cons. Nothing is perfect. Have a look at possible pros and cons of the hair masks.


  • Hair masks provide permanent shine to your hair.
  • Hair masks provide long term smoothness to your hair.
  • Hair masks can be applied on dried hair for better nourishment.
  • Hair mask can heal the dried scalp too, so it rejuvenates the natural scalp oiling process.
  • They are economical. You can achieve the same hair mask benefits as daily hair conditioner benefits by applying a hair mask once a week instead of daily hair conditioning.


  • Hair masking contains too much oil. It is good for dry hairs but it makes the straight hair look greasy.
  • Too much masking can weaken your hair or may cause an infection so it is advisable to do hair masking only once a week.

What Does a Hair Conditioner Do?

Top hair conditioner brands

Hair conditioner makes our hair straight and manageable in our daily routine. Some people are habitual of regular hair conditioner masks. Some people use hair conditioner as a gel treatment in pre styling too. It is always used in post washing smoothening. When we talk about hair mask vs deep conditioner, then we need to understand that a hair conditioner just makes the hair look smooth. It does not work for scalp nourishment and it is not an alternative to oiling.

Hair conditioner Pros and Cons

Hair conditioner benefits are temporary but much useful for those people who don’t find enough time or proper hair masking. There are some certain hair conditioner mask pros and cons which need to be understood.


  • Hair conditioner benefits lie in their reliability. You can achieve hair deep conditioning benefits daily after daily bath.
  • Hair conditioner assists us in achieving the required style.
  • Hair conditioner makes the hair bouncy.
  • Hair conditioner can work best for dry and wet hair.
  • It is a quick method. You don’t have to wait for an hour or a whole night to see the results like a hair mask.


  • Hair conditioner mask won’t provide a long term solution.
  • Hair conditioners don’t heal rough hairs. They just make them look straight for a while.
  • You have to make the conditioner away from your scalp. It may damage its soft tissues.
  • Too much conditioning after each bath may make the rashes on the scalp.
  • It may be infectious if we let it on our hair overnight.

This is the whole summary about hair mask vs hair deep conditioner.Both hair conditioner and hair mask are different from each other. Hair conditioner provides smoothness to silky and straight hair but hair masking makes the hair straight and smooth. Masks make the hair smooth and they literally nourish the hair and hair scalp too. However, it is not the end of the debate of hair conditioner vs hair mask conditioner because hair conditioner is more reliable and easy to use in our daily busy routine. You just need to understand the universal rule about one size doesn’t fit all.

If you are having a busy routine and you won’t find enough time for hair treatment, you should just use a conditioner after the shampoo. Further, if you already have silky straight hair; you just need to preserve them. So,go for casual conditioning after the shampoo. That’s it. You are good to go. Don’t go for a hair conditioner without the hair wash with shampoo. Otherwise, it will stick into your hair and cause complex problems.

If you have dry and rough hairs, you must go for hair masking prior to the hair wash. It will nourish and rejuvenate the natural hair oiling from the scalp. One hair mask can easily maintain your healthy hair for at least a week. If you may find some time on a weekend, you should apply a hair mask deep down till scalp all the night to nourish your hair and scalp. You can enjoy your whole week with beautiful hair after just one hair mask on the weekend. Do consult with your friends and some nearby expertees about your preferred hair maintenance but do keep taking care of your beautiful hair. They are a blessing.

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