6 Reasons to Wear Makeup or Not

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  • # Reasons to Not Wear Makeup
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  • # How to not Wear Makeup and Look Gorgeous

To wear makeup or not has been an important debate over the years. Now, most of the girls tend to wear makeup everyday. There are several reasons to wear makeup nowadays. There are some certain appearance requirements for the front desk female officers and the instagram models. However, everyday wear makeup is still confusing for those girls who are working in a corporate office setup. They always find it hard to wear makeup to work daily. Those females who are working in an outdoor environment, need to have long wear makeup due to abnormal weather conditions like too hot or too cold, including rainy and sweating conditions. Therefore they should go for double wear makeup, so their foundation and the blending shades remain there for a longer period. However, there are some pros and cons of wearing makeup daily. Therefore, we are going to list down the major reasons for wearing makeup or not in our daily routine.

I Don’t Wear Makeup!

Wear Makeup or Not

If you lie in this category of people who are proud of not wearing makeup, you need to find the reasons to wear makeup. There is not a crime or fraudulent impression involved in everyday wear makeup. It is just an impression of your strong personality and beautiful look.

Following are some major reasons to wear makeup.

Reasons to wear makeup

1. Makeup is an art:

Wear Makeup or Not

Makeup is an art. You can easily observe in surroundings that not so many people are good at doing makeup. It is an art to have proper makeup which actually enhances the body features. That’s why professional people are called makeup artists because they can imagine, fantasize and then execute the proper enhancement of a specific person. Therefore you should always choose professionals for makeup salon and services.

2. Makeup boosts confident personality

Wear Makeup or Not

According to many women, everyday wear makeup is a confidence booster. They feel more authoritative and a much stronger character in their-self after long wear makeup. The females working in a corporate setup are habitual of double wear makeup. It provides them another stronger corporate face in an office environment which gives them more confidence and respect.

3. Makeup provides protective shield

Wear Makeup or Not

Now females are also part of the economy system. They have to go to work to earn for themselves. They also have to face uneven weather conditions off and on. A specific percentage of the female employees are even riding bikes and scooties. So, they need to wear makeup to work as a protective shield to their beautiful skin. Makeup works as a protective mask for them. They can simply remove the makeup after reaching their destination but they can protect themselves from the dust and heat going in their skin pores directly via everyday wear makeup.

4. Makeup assists in several getups

Wear Makeup or Not

The social media art channels are rapidly growing in this era. Now there are many freelance productions working on commercial arts and movies. Every production house can’t afford advanced SFX and VFX services. Neither, many producers can afford larger crew and every single different person for each different role. So, makeup provides them the freedom and reliability to turn any talented person younger or older depending on the desired character. So, the affordable solution is to wear makeup to work is creating double roles for a single person and making any artist, whose charges are low, fit into several younger or older characters as well. Once again you get the art side of the makeup.

5. Makeup provides even complexion

Wear Makeup or Not

Many people have sensitive skin which gets darker or reddish due to sunlight. Moreover, people may have some pimples or eyebags prior to some important events. They don’t need to worry. Double wear makeup provides them even complexion and the skin tone.

6. Makeup is a fun in social media community

We are living in a social media community. Our half of the day passes using Instagram and Facebook. There are some fun platforms to show your makeup guts to all over the world. There are always some popular new makeup challenges running every other day. Makeup artists have been turned into a larger community via social media and they all are trending.

Do You Wear Makeup Everyday?

Are you obsessed with makeup? Do you love long wear makeup or double wear makeup in your daily routine? Are you afraid of going in front of people without makeup for a single moment? You just need to be calm and rethink about yourself again.

Reasons to Not Wear Makeup

Wear Makeup or Not

Makeup is fun. Makeup is an art. Makeup is good for its multi purposes but there are still some reasons to not wear makeup to get a real life. Carefully read the following reasons and stop wearing too much makeup all the time.

  1. Excessive makeup can be infectious for your skin as it contains the toxic and ceramic materials which may disturb the soft texture of your skin.
  2. If you won’t wear daily makeup, you can save hundreds of bucks per month because all cosmetic products are getting costly day by day.
  3. You will have more free time for yourself and your personality development, if you may stop wasting your time on advanced double wear makeup or long wear makeup daily. On average, you can save around 3 hours per day avoiding makeup and removing it properly.
  4. You may love your true personality, if you may refuse the daily cosmetic look. Why should you always copy the latest trending looks and shades of famous celebrities with makeup. You are born unique and special. You should love your original skin tone and texture.
  5. Learn to accept your flaws. It is the greatest learning process. If you keep on hiding your flaws with your double wear makeup, you may not find any organic solution to recover from it. Don’t cover your eyebags with foundation. Take proper sleep and diet.
  6. Over skin masking, facial and other skin moisturizing items actually make our pores wider. Then there is a higher chance of more dust going into our pores and there is a higher risk of blackheads and pimples etc. Don’t overdo the makeup and skin treatment.

How to Wear Less Makeup

There are some useful tips about wearing less makeup taking just 5-10 minutes to get ready.

  • Don’t create a strong matte foundation but use a damp makeup sponge to just lighten up your skin.
  • You can cover your acne or pimples with just simple color corretor brush after just dabbing it once on a concealer.
  • Use thin lightening pen instead of brightening concealer.
  • Use just a bronzer on your bones to define the shape and then brush it slightly.

How to not Wear Makeup and Look Gorgeous

Wear Makeup or Not

It would be an ideal situation and solution to the beauty if you look gorgeous without makeup. Isn’t it? Fortunately, It is achieveable. It just demands pure commitment and some hardwork. You just have to follow following tips to get gorgous look without makeup.

  • You have to sleep well, so there may not be any eyebags around your eyes.
  • You have to drink plenty of water to improve metabolism of the body.
  • You have to improve your healthy diet containing milk, vegetables and fruits.
  • Always use a sunblock to avoid any heat damage.
  • Do proper workout or atleast daily running to release fat and other toxic minerals from your body.

So these were the 6 reasons for wearing makeup and 6 resons for not wearing. It depends on time to time and it varies from situation to situation. For example, You can stay with no makeup all day if you work from home. Yon can do just minimalist makeup like just lipstick and little color corrector dabbing for regular office job. In case of special events like wedding, you have to go for professional bridal hair and makeup services to look gorgeous for your lifetime event.

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