Give Yourself a Haircut at Home (During Covid-19)

Get a haircut at home is the most entertaining and useful thing to do in the quarantine during Covid-19. You should not waste your whole time by watching movies and seasons. Instead, you should learn many new things and skills like cooking and hair-cutting to give your lifestyle a new shape. Cooking is relatively easy for us, most of us are familiar with it. However, to get a professional haircut, you must require some professional haircut at home tips. Due, to a Covid-19 outbreak, all the barber’s shop and salons are closed.

We all need a makeover. Men are in desperate need of a haircut because they usually grow hair, moustache and beard in no time. Before some family member calls you a ‘Gorilla’, you must need to know some tips for haircut at home men. Women usually need just the threading, trimming and upper lip job . Most of the women can do these things on their own. However, they also need some professional assistance regarding haircut at home women. Thankfully, we have done a thorough research and collected many DIY haircut tips to get a haircut at home. Check out all the tips, they will help you in maintaining or updating your look in these quarantine days.

If you have already planned to get a haircut at home,first of all, you need to collect some basic accessories for the job. Regular scissors won’t work out well for the haircut. The professional hair stylists use the styling shears for the job. If you can’t have any styling shears in the quarantine, you need to have new sharp scissors, brush, comb and a clean towel before getting a haircut at home men, you can add clippers or locks into the list to get a haircut at home women. Boys can also use the trimmer to assist them. The advanced trimmers have many options and the different comb sizes, which may directly can get you a stylish haircut at home men. You just need some special assistance while choosing the exact comb sizes and blades for fading or edging. Once you have collected the accessories, put a towel around your shoulders to restrain hair flowing everywhere on your body. Now is the time to follow closely the following important tips.

Choose a Desired Length Before Having a Haircut at Home

This many sound so easy to do, but it is not. Your mirror may show you the enlarge view of your actual hair. Moreover, when you cut hair after wetting them, they may get a shrink after they dry up. You can try placing numbered clippers on your hair to get a proper measured haircut. So, you need to take good care of all these things and you need to just start with a small trimming to see the results.

Take Smart Care of Different Hair Textures while Getting a Haircut at Home Women

You hair textures define the method to get a haircut at home. Haircut at home tips suggest that if you have curly or wavy hair texture, you should snip them dry. However, if you have a straight hair, you need to make them wet before cutting to make sure the straight alignment and the edge line.

If your hair have curls and bangs, avoid cutting them horizontally. Try snipping them little by little vertically. Although, if you have straight hair, you can try starting from horizontal lining for the straight alignment and then follow the vertical snipping.

Try dividing your hair in 2-3 portions with the use of clippers and cut them one by one. It will improve the efficiency as there will not be any disturbance from the other hair or larger volume. Further, it will give you a proper idea of the exact length and method for the other portions after having some experience with the first division. In the last, you can try balancing them by taking them all in front at once.

Make Sure about Fading and Blending while Getting a Haircut at Home Men

Man looking at his hair in the mirror

In the recent times, trimmers are easily accessible to anyone. The fading and blending is in the fashion. Those times are gone, when boys love to have long hair. Now, they prefer short hairstyles with the faded-sides, which are blended well with each other.

If you are thinking to have a hair cut at home with the both sides faded, you must follow the following haircut at home tips about blending and fading.

  • Start fading your sides by using a bigger comb size in a trimmer. It will give you an exact idea, if you need further fading or not.
  • If you don’t have a trimmer machine. Try using the larger guards at first before trimming with the scissor.

Haircut at Home for Children

Kid haircut at home

Haircut at home for children can be the most tricky one. Children won’t assist the professional barbers anyhow. There is always a risk of giving them a cut due to their lack of support and unwanted resistance. We suggest you to not take any risk of giving your child a haircut at home, especially if he/she does not like it. However, if both parties are interested and supportive; you can try using trimmer because trimmer won’t get them any cut and it will save your time and effort. If you don’t have the trimmer, try waiting for the end of this Covid-19 outbreak or let your child grows more to be supportive enough.

Extra Haircut at Home Tips

Cutting your own hair
  • You can use the three-bladed razor to get a clean edge line without getting a cut.
  • Always try to use double mirrors to get a perfect view of sides and back.
  • Try to have your friend or homie to assist you, if you are afraid of getting a haircut at home first time in this quarantine.
  • If you have the long hair, try dividing them and clip them into sections and bring one section at one time to get trimmed.
  • You should always try to get against the hair for a better haircut. Although, if you have some curls or bangs in your hair, try getting along the hair at times to avoid any hustle.

All these tips should be helpful for you getting a new haircut at home during this Covid-19 outbreak. However, there are still some advanced salons; providing their professional services in your home. You need to book your advanced hair cut sessions from a professional haircut and styling salon near you.

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