Best Short Hairstyles For Women And Men

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Short hair styles are the most appropriate ones and easy to be managed. There are tons of short hairstyle ideas out there. You should not only stick to just one sliced short hairs all the time. There are may short hairstyles for men available. Around 80% of the men have shorter hair. Short hairstyles for men are considered a standard formal outlook for businessmen.

However, short hairstyle women are also in fashion these days. The short hair styles for women are pretty useful considering their age as they take only a few minutes to be maintained. In a same way, short hair styles for girls are also handy ones because they can be used everywhere like school, college, parties or outings as well. If you are a teenager and you don’t have any long hair yet, there is no need to be worried. There are many short hairstyle ideas in the market which can be opted to have a classy look.

There are many benefits of having short hair styles. Some of the major benefits are comfort, versatility, uniqueness and the well-maintenance. There are always best styles for short hair regardless of the gender, age and color. You can find the best short hairstyle ideas in this article. Let’s begin with the teenage.

Short hairstyles for girls

Teenage girls who have not achieved the full hair length yet, they can try one of the following short hairstyle ideas according to their facial features.

Hollywood Updo

Hollywood Updo is a classic hairstyle used in retro Hollywood movies. It is about having a hair-bun on top of the head, sliding some strands on the face and some long strands on side parts. It is pretty handy for those teenage girls, who need to follow the fashion hiding their big forehead. It is much useful in all areas from working in a kitchen to attend a party.

Short Hollywood Updo hairstyle

Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetric bob is for typical office girls. It requires low maintenance and it looks cool with the trendy jackets and jeans. It is among those short hairstyles for girls, that is suitable for both straight and wavy hairs.

Styles for Short Hairs

Short Curls

Short curls are another good option among the short hairstyles for the girls. Keeping the same short length and curling the bottom ends will give you an awesome short curl hair cut within no time.

Styles for Short Hairs

Long fringe with Bob

The short hairstyles for girls are not for just office girls and receptionists. Short hair girls also want some bold look. This is the perfect for the bold look. It provides longer fringe on one side and shorter fringe on the other side, gives you a bold fashion look. It works well for the fine straight hair.

Styles for Short Hairs

Short hair styles for women

The middle aged or older women should have the short hairstyles. They are pretty easy to be maintained. Let’s have a look over some popular and easy to maintain short hair styles for women.


Pixie is probably the most popular style among short hair styles for women. It is a classic hairstyle which can be molded into many further looks according to the occasion. The general pixie is about having all hair are cut short having the neck-height back. Then the middle hair can be treated in different ways to achieve the long bangs,  dirty blonde or wavy/edgy pixie look.

This short pixie hairstyle works well to highlight the facial features due to lower hair volume all around.

Styles for Short Hairs


Bob can be considered as a universal hairstyle, that works well for all age fellows. It is much easier to be maintained. The classic mob can be modified for the older age women to highlight their facial feature and sometimes to hide their wrinkles. Classic bob is an ultimate option among short hairstyles for women. They curly ends of classic bob gives a nice feminine look. Short bob is the best option for the straight hair. Bob with bangs are a great option if an elderly woman has the mixture of thick, thin and textured hair.

Styles for Short Hairs

Choppy layers

The choppy layers on the short hairstyle gives boldness and high volume. It can be colored and shaded to give a unique bold look.

Styles for Short Hairs

Short hair styles for men

Men have always been in the short hair styles for years. So, there are many options regarding the short hair styles for men. The interesting fact about men short hairstyles is that, they suit well for everyone regardless of age. There are many options regarding the short hair styles for men, let’s stick to the latest ones to keep updated with the latest trends.

Buzz cut

The Buzz cut is generally a much shorter haircut that works well for the boys and men as well. It is about having very small hair length and volume. You can add many varieties to it to achieve your own buzz cut. You can have the introductory buzz-cut in summer by shaving all your head with a trimmer having comb size of 2 to 4. If you don’t want such smaller haircut, you can try faded buzz cut. The faded buzz cut have larger volume as compared to introductory Buzz Cut. Your sides will still be buzzed off with a thin trimmer. Only top center will have a thin volume of hair.

Different buzz cut options for different hair volumes can be seen below

Buzz cut hair for men
Styles for Short Hairs

Blow out

Blow out can be defined by its name. It is imagined by a wind blowing in your face and your sides are going backwards and the centered hair are flying. The general appearance of the blow cut is having the thinner sides with a thicker volume in the center. It can be modified in a number of ways like completely shaving the sides (creating an Afro look), trimming the sides and have the spikes in the middle or thinning the sides with scissors and have relatively higher volume to get a pullback blow out style.

Some of the blow out styles can be seen in the following pictures.

Styles for Short Hairs
Blow out hairstyle for men

Crew Cut

Crew cut is among trendy short hairstyles for men nowadays. It is much feasible, reliable and easy to maintain option for the boys who does not want to take much pain in hair-maintenance , but they still want to look stylish.

The general idea about crew cut is having shorter strands standing top in an upright position with the growing length till the hair line. Thus, crew cut can be given any specific direction of either upwards, rightwards or leftwards.

Following are some popular crew cut examples.

Styles for Short Hairs
Styles for Short Hairs
Styles for Short Hairs

We have tried to list down all the easy and cool short hairstyle ideas. These all are trendy and easy to maintain options. Just make sure to have them from a professional Hair Cut and Styling Salon.

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