5 Rules You Need to Know Before Get Hair Extension

In this post we will talk about following titles in detail:

  • # 5 Rules for Hair Extensions
  • # Getting the Exact Type of Hair Extensions Matching Your Daily Routine
  • # Getting the Exact Shade in Accordance with Your Natural Hair
  • # Don’t Compromise on Quality
  • # Hair Extensions Aftercare Demands Much Time and Effort
  • # Hair Extensions Should be Removed After an Optimal Time Span

Hair extensions rules must be considered before buying any kind of hair extensions. There is always a lot of speculation about hair extensions, hair extensions aftercare, hair extensions charm and the hair extensions before and after lifestyle. Every girl wants to have hair extensions for her biggest day as a bride. Many girls want to change their overall look on bigger occasions like an important party or function.

They have always been observing the hair extension before and after outlook in the movies, functions and fashion week magazines. They have always been fascinating about getting such hair extensions to have a new vibe in their overall look. Some of them look actually gorgeous after having the hair extensions, others may look somewhat awkward or disurbed after having them. That’s what this article is all about. If you are also interested in having hair extensions in any part of your life, you should read the whole article and rules for the hair extensions, so you won’t mess up even after having the hair extensions.

Following are some important rules for hair extensions you should know before it’s too late.

5 Rules for Hair Extensions

An important point to consider about getting extensions is observing your lifestyle, your exact need and the time period of sticking with the extensions. Following are the 5 key hair extensions rules you need to know before getting perfect hair extensions for you.

1. Getting the Exact Type of Hair Extensions Matching Your Daily Routine

Hair Extension

Getting hair extensions according to your daily routine is obviously the foremost rule among all hair extensions rules. If you have found the most appropriate hair extensions according to your lifestyle. You have already coped with numerous hair extensions before and after counter parts.

There are many types of hair extensions available in the market like the clipping ones, taped one and the advanced hot fused hair extensions etc. Each one of them has their own pros and cons too. You should be most specific while choosing the best for you.

Different types of hair extensions
Different Types of Hair Extensions

First of all, you should find your exact need. If you need to wear hair extensions for a smaller period of time for just a small photoshoot or you are planning to wear it for some hours. For example, if you want to wear it quickly for just a quick photoshoot, you can go with clipping ones. They can be quickly adjusted and removed via clippings. However, if you are going to be a bride and you need your extensions more connected for many hours, you can try taped ones or micro rings that can easily be installed and can last for a few hours.

If you want to wear the extensions for 2-3 months to have a new look, you must choose between taped ones and gluish fused ones according to your lifestyle. If you are often exposed to heat or sunlight, don’t go with the taped ones; they will eventually become loose

2. Getting the Exact Shade in Accordance with Your Natural Hair

Hair Extension

If you always wanted to have naturally long hairs, then getting the exact shade of your natural color is probably the most important rule among all rules for hair extensions. Many of the girls don’t want to be exposed to artificial hair extensions. They must try to find the closest shade of the hair extensions so there won’t be much difference among hair extensions before and after. Many big hair extension companies have provided their shade chart on their websites or their magazines. You can have a perfect idea of what exact color you should opt for the long term. Always find a color that matches your hair ends. So, extensions can be attached and won’t be notified. Normally, only natural hair extensions can give you exact or closest hair tone in your chosen extensions. They are obviously somewhat expensive as compared to artificial extensions.

3. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Hair Extension

If you want to have a long hair outlook for the rest of your life, don’t waste your money on short term (lower quality) synthetic extensions. Always go for natural or remy hair extensions of the highest quality, so they won’t look artificial and you can have the full confidence of having long hair. No one can easily identify the remy hair extensions or natural hair extensions, if installed correctly and well maintained. Moreover, the high quality extensions won’t get tangled easily and you can wear them for several weeks before getting a newer one. They also require somewhat lesser hair extensions aftercare.

4. Hair Extensions Aftercare Demands Much Time and Effort

Hair Extension

If you just have a fantasy of wearing long extensions to look gorgeous, you should be ready to take the responsibility of taking extra care of your lovely extensions. They literally demand much time and effort. You have to straighten them every single morning. You have to wear them off before going to bed. You just can’t shampoo them all the time and the usage of conditioner is highly prohibited with the extensions. Don’t use the blower or rubbing material to dry them off after a bath. Let them dry naturally. Don’t sit or lay down, if your extensions are wet. Let them fully dried up before lay down; so, they won’t be tangled. Only this way, you will feel a natural lengthy hair difference with hair extension before and after. If you feel any discomfort or any allergic reaction, always consult a hair extension salon nearby.

5. Hair Extensions Should be Removed After an Optimal Time Span

Hair Extension

Last but not the least rule among important rules for hair extensions is to wear them off at a proper time. As you have seen all the above rules- They all are depicting to take care of having as much natural experience with extensions as much you can. So, it is advisable to remove or replace your extensions on time to avoid any discomfort. They need to be removed after an optimal time span so:
● They won’t give an unwanted color shade after a specific interval.
● They won’t be tangled enough to give an awkward look.
● They won’t cause any allergic reaction if they were installed with glue or tape. If you ever feel any abnormal reaction, contact the best hair salon near you as soon as possible.

These are the top 5 hair extensions rules supporting hair extension before and after case study. Always try to consider these rules before going into a new journey with long hair extensions. Get the perfect hair salons and get all the necessary information regarding hair extension aftercare to avoid any mishap.

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